Government of New Brunswick

FREDERICTON – The New Brunswick Women’s Council is denouncing a political flyer that was posted throughout Moncton over the weekend as misogynist and harmful to the democracy of the province. The council has asked the leaders of all political parties in the province to do the same.

“This is an act of misogyny and it cannot stand unchallenged by the council, nor should it stand unchallenged by the political parties of our province,” said council co-chair Jody Dallaire. “If parties are truly committed to strengthening our democracy by increasing the number of women in politics, they must condemn acts like these and make it clear that they will not be tolerated.”

The flyer features a cartoon of Finance Minister Cathy Rogers as a puppet being controlled by Treasury Board President Roger Melanson as well as newly nominated Liberal candidate Courtney Pringle Carver as a robot being controlled by Premier Gallant. Some of the flyers feature a cartoon depicting Ms. Pringle Carver’s son. “Liberal Party FEMINISM” appears as text above the cartoon.

Hundred of copies of the flyer were posted throughout Moncton, including near the homes of both Minister Rogers and Ms. Pringle Carver as well as near the school Ms. Pringle Carver’s son attends.

“Too often, women and the issues that affect them are treated as tokens and too often feminism is exploited politically,” said council co-chair Jewell Mitchell. “Such cynical acts and strategies must be called out — however, when a call out demeans women and targets individual women and a child in order to make its point, it is clear that the criticism is not actually motivated by genuine concern for women and is instead grossly misogynistic.”

Representation of women in politics has already been highlighted as a key issue in the upcoming 2018 provincial election through initiatives like Women for 50% in 2018. Women for 50% has challenged parties to ensure that half of their slate of candidates is comprised of women in 2018.

“To date, the council has refrained from commenting on party politics but our legislated mandate compels us to speak out on this incident despite the partisan content of the flyer,” said Beth Lyons, executive director of the council. “We have informed the leaders of all parties that that the council will not hesitate to address sexist and misogynist behaviour that occurs during this election cycle, as well as any incidents that occur on the floor of the Legislative Assembly or in the media, in rigorously non-partisan manner.”The New Brunswick Women’s Council is an independent advisory body on women’s equality issues.


Media contact: Beth Lyons, Executive Director, New Brunswick Women’s Council   506-462-5142 [email protected]