Government of New Brunswick

July 11, 2017

Fredericton – The New Brunswick Women’s Council has commended the Government of New Brunswick (GNB) for releasing its gender-based analysis (GBA) tool, an instrument used to identify and address potential gender-based impacts of initiatives being developed. The council also recommended next steps for releasing additional information on how GBA is used in government and what GBA processes uncover about proposed public policy.

“We applaud government’s willingness to share its GBA tool,” said council co-chair Jewell Mitchell. “The strengths of this particular tool include its emphasis on accessible consultations; a broad understanding of gender identity and intersecting considerations such as race, ability, and geographic location; and an emphasis on evaluation to ensure that the gendered impacts of initiatives are being continuously monitored.”

The council has also recommended government release further details on its use of GBA, including:

  • when GBA is used in GNB decision-making and when a decision may be exempted from requiring GBA;
  • what steps GNB has taken to support GBA, including how many civil servants are trained in the tool; and
  • information generated by GBA processes, particularly for significant announcements like Throne Speeches and provincial budgets as well as initiatives involving consultation with citizens.

“A proactive public disclosure regime on the findings of GBA processes would be a progressive commitment in line with the principles of government’s open data policy,” said council co-chair Jody Dallaire. “Such a measure would advance gender equality while also strengthening citizen engagement in decision-making – and, therefore, democracy – in our province.”

The New Brunswick Women’s Council is an independent advisory body on women’s equality issues.


Media contact:  Beth Lyons, Executive Director, New Brunswick Women’s Council, 506-462-5142